Using the strategies outlined in this 8 module on-line program, you will be able to apply them directly into your life and get instant, excellent results managing and embracing your gift of sensitivity.

What this course will teach you

How to apply the strategies in any area of your Life, Relationships, Career, Social, Family. It is a comprehensive and advanced program suitable for both those new to learning about sensitivity and those advanced.

The 5 most important tips

  • Understanding, managing, embracing and celebrating the challenges and gifts of being a Highly Sensitive Person

  • How to identify and heal triggers, self sabotaging behaviour, release fears and anxiety and replace with embracing peace and happiness

  • The tools to stop taking things so personally and having your feelings hurt. Shutting down the negative voice in the head while nurturing self acceptance and gaining self-love

  • How to forgive and heal the past and create rich, deep relationships without fear of being hurt. Identifying and healing triggers, building resilience and tools to change from having a fear of conflict or out of control rage to rapport building techniques

  • How to create and obtain the life you desire. Understanding the energy game, manifesting and embracing the gifts of sensitivity and moving towards your Zone of Genius living your true purpose

The information in this course has helped thousands of people who have struggled being a Highly Sensitive Person to improve their lives using what they have learnt.

About the author

Jane Donovan

I am soooo lucky to be a love, relationships and happiness coach, radio host, speaker, author, columnist and matchmaker. 

Like you I was born a Highly Sensitive Person and for many years, this was my greatest challenge and something I wished I could get rid of. Thanks to discovering this research and much further study, I have been able to manage my sensitivity and indeed embrace it to live a life way beyond my wildest dreams.

I now see sensitivity truly as the gift it is. So much so, I am delighted to share that both my teenage girls are highly sensitive and learning to manage life with this trait and gift.

i feel privilaged to be able to share with you through this 8 week on-line course, the very best tools, tips and tricks I have accumulated over the past 20 odd years to live a life of authenticity, empowerment and freedom. I wish for you a life of being free to be complete you. 

Please join me in my 'Free To Be Me' 8 week on-line course and get your life changing to one that has you excited to be getting up each and every day.

Yours in love


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Some words on Jane's coaching

  • "There is no one that I know of in Australia that has the breadth of knowledge in regards to relationships and sensitivity, more so than Jane Donovan. She just gets people on a practical and spiritual level that helps transform people's lives for the better."

    Amber Petty., Media Personality

  • Having worked closely with Jane both professionally and personally I am consistently impressed and warmed by her dynamic content, positivity and effectiveness. Jane is a master of the four intelligences: IQ, EQ, SQ and BQ (mental, emotional, spiritual and body) which makes her not only a brilliant businesswoman when it comes to delivering what people want, but also a highly sensitive operator who is sensitive enough to intuit clients' needs at an astounding level. She has changed many lives and her work continues to do so at greater and more profound levels

    Rebecca Dettman, Psychic

  • "Jane, Well done, no professional has EVER made that break through. It's magic, well done and thank you, you're a magician. Linden", 39

    Linden Where., South Australia

  • Hi Jane, I just wanted to say how truly intuitive, inspiring and incredible you are! I am so grateful to have stumbled across you! You have helped me reflect on so many different aspects of my life and guided me through some of the hardest challenges I have faced yet. Thank you

    Sandra., Washington

  • I am both humbled and uplifted by having attended one of Jane Donovan’s seminars and reading her praiseworthy book. In the arena of transformative coaching centred on relationships and sensitivity- Jane shines.  Personally i found that Jane has a special gift both as speaker and author with her deeply insightful knowledge and infectious humour. I have learnt some wonderful things through Jane’s work which I am so grateful she had the courage to share. I wholeheartedly would recommend anyone who wishes to grow and develop skills in relationships or love to seek out the support and coaching with  Jane Donovan.

    Melissa, New South Wales

"Free To Be Me" leading highly sensitive people to a life of empowerment

  • SIMPLE and easy to implement learnings geared for results in all areas of your life
  • 8 MODULE video links emailed to your inbox to watch and work on at your own pace
  •  TRIED & tested processes with downloadable work sheets to guide you through your journey
  • ACCESS to me on FOUR Q and A webinar to support you in your lessons

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